Monday, June 18, 2012

#nitTWITS New Season

It's Season 3 of #nitTWITS

"Brilliant concept; hilarious execution." - COMIC BIBLE MAGAZINE

From the twisted minds of your favorite Twitter personalities comes a new web-series inspired by their funniest tweets: the award-winning #nitTWITS. Compared to cutting-edge sketch comedy series and SNL’s Digital Shorts, #nitTWITS features hilarious video interpretations from the snappy one-liners created by some of your favorite comedians on Twitter.

Twitter has become the world’s biggest writing room, with some of the best comedians testing out new material and creating perfect set-ups for sketch comedy bits. Recognizing the endless source of comedic material from both celebrated comics and ingenious up-and-comers, writers/co-creators Mark Mathias Sayre and Amber Tozer bring just the right amount of witty, wry humor and a talented, fresh-faced cast to bring new life to the humorous rants and ramblings that float through the Twittersphere. The #nitTWITS’ most popular episode, “Shit People Say on Facebook,” notched 1.4 million views.

Watch the trailer at
AND This quick Sketch now!!

The third season of #nitTWITS begins Tuesday, June 19 and will consist of six new episodes. Guest stars for the new season include JOSH MALINA (The West Wing) and CHARLES FLEISCHER, (ROGER RABBIT, RANGO) among others.

New episodes will be posted every Tuesday. The first two seasons—nineteen episodes in all—are available NOW online at or on YouTube.. The production team is looking for an offline home for future episodes as either interstitials or a broadcast series.

Find #nitTWITS on Facebook at and Twitter at @nitTWITStv. Mark Mathias Sayre (@XMASWARMACHINE) and Amber Tozer (@AmberTozer) are on Twitter, obviously.


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