Saturday, June 23, 2012


Comedians with PODCASTS Please click the link to fill in this form - Comic Bible is compiling a list and will give you a FREE LISTING and link on the site, on the app and maybe even a mention in the magazine! You can also send one download link for inclusion with your listing (optional) and we'll put it on the app - Comic Bible wants to direct the world to the funny.... LIST YOUR PODCAST TODAY! please follow the form directions so your listing appears properly.
Thanks so much!!

android pod app
Get the Podcast APP for Android here:

Get the Podcast Web (HTML5) App for all operating sytems here:
web app

There are a few differences between the two you can test drive them this is the Android Version soon on Google Play® and available through the qr code to readers

This is a photo of the Web App which you can use on any phone with web interface. Remember they are two different qr codes and two differnt (same content) apps

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