Friday, June 8, 2012

Ally Bruener @ Bonnaroo Comedy

Ally "I Laughed at the Crippled Girl" Bruener LIVE in Bonnaroo reporting for THE COMIC BIBLE MAGAZINE
My sincerest apologies to those I have kept waiting on a Bonnaroo update. This adventure has been far crazier than anyone could have prepared me for. There have been a few hiccups already along the way, but I have no doubt that this will be a weekend I will be telling my grandkids about.
Everything has been a bit overwhelming. From camping to finding your way around this temporary city and doing your best at making new friends along the way, you start to lose track of time and even which day it is.  I have been here merely 36 hours and it feels like it has been well over a week. I never knew it could be true, but at times like this, lack of sleep can be a beautiful thing. Nobody wants to miss a wink of the action and there is constantly moving.
The first event we went to was The Benson Interruption with Doug Benson. The line to get in was intimidating, to say the least. I was fortunate to be able to play the wheelchair card and bypass the craziness. Benson was joined by fellow Bonnaroo performers Kyle Kinae, Brian Posehn and Ali Wong while they joined in amusingly interrupted “Rambo”. In addition to already laughing hysterically at Sylvester Stalone’s horrible acting, the four-some provided commentary on the most mundane of title scenes to all grotesque mass genocides taking place on screen.
Aside from passing through some of the music stages, we didn’t make it to another show until Friday afternoon’s show in the Comedy Tent with Rory Scovel opening for Aziz Ansari. Again, a massive crowd had high hopes of getting inside. There were, in my best estimation, ten times as many people waiting in line as could actually fit in the venue. The show was full of energy for a crowd that came ready to laugh.
Based on my observations so far, I can only hope in future years, the comedy expands to one of the larger stages for at least a couple shows. There are far too many people willing to sit in line for hours with hopes of showing their appreciation for humor for Bonnaroo not to enlarge the size of the potential audience.     
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