Friday, May 4, 2012

Hollywood Deals & Comedy Writers

Comedy writer-producers Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith are moving from Sony (where they were since 1997) to 20th Century Fox TV with a two-year overall deal.
At Sony, the husband and wife pair created many projects and spent six years on the studio’s long-running comedy "The King of Queens". Yuspa and Goldsmith, feature credits include"What Women Want".

From Fox and Back to Fox
Since a run at 20th Century Fox on "Family Guy"; comedy writer-producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan had moved to NBC for the past six years. The pair have now closed a two-year overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV to develop new projects and work on existing series.

CAA signed top podcast Radiolab and will work to expand Radiolab's brand with upcoming film and television projects as well as tours and sponsorships.
Comedian Demetri Martin and dance troupe Pilobolus are currently on tour with Radiolob for its live show, "Radiolab Live: In the Dark."

20th Century Fox TV signed comedy writer-producer Kay Cannon in an overall deal. She will develop new projects for the studio and, next season, will also join 20th TV’s comedy series "New Girl" as a co-executive producer. Second City and UCB alumna Cannon spent the last 6 years on NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy series "30 Rock". Kay Cannon was also featured in a The Comic Bible Magazine interview last year! (a few of those back issues are still available

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