Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Ted" @CinemaCon

Universal Studios showed a preview of their upcoming gems at CinemaCon including

Seth MacFarlane(Family Guy) very R-rated comedy, TED (7/13) about a boy and a talking stuffed teddy bear who sticks with him as a foul-mouthed teddy, even as he becomes  a grown man in the form of Mark Wahlberg. Deadline reports "it got the biggest laughs of the day by far and pushes the language to the limit. Fogelson said it was maybe the funniest script he had ever read and also noted in all his time at Universal he had never seen Meyer laugh so hard at anything. But as he brought MacFarlane out with co-star Mila Kunis he said he had “never been more proud or nervous” and then asked Seth: “Coming from network TV , were you just inspired to make this so you could say as many ‘f--ks’ as you want?”  MacFarlane did say that despite the colorful language at its heart the movie has a sweet backbone. When Fogelson asked him if he would like to do anything in front of the audience, MacFarlane, who is also the title character in the film, said “you mean like take my dick out?”  This product presentation definitely was the most free wheeling of the entire week, but I guess they feel what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

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