Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comedy to the 2nd

Where are all the original comedy film ideas?

Funny movies become classics but why must they become sequels?
Movie sequels make money at the box office based on the name but they do not usually fare well with reviewers.

Despite the history, this year, movie moguls have signed on to make many sequels of everyone's favorite films.

Jim Carrey ~ doing 'Dumb & Dumber 2', Will Ferrell doing 'Anchorman 2', Chris Rock is in Madagascar 3, a film's whose sequel did do well is going for a third and many more 'classics' are being made-over.  The number 2 is attached to at least 6 titles being made or set to release this year.

While the star names attached to the recognizable titles attract attention and all might break the mold and be hysterically funny films, why all the sequels this year? There are many funny comedy film scripts; there are many funny comedians and writers. Is Hollywood just playing it safe?

The studio who took a chance on Steve Harvey's 'Think Like a Man' book and turned it into a movie is smiling! The film may have broke a record by being #1 at the Box Office for weeks in a row. While this may start a trend in the Urban comedy market, of interest is the interest in comedian's books. Turning best selling books into box office success is old news, but Harvey's success may spark a new trend for the comedy market, Hollywood buying funny comedian's books and turning them into funny films.

Let's go Hollywood, let go of the past and get with some originals....

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