Friday, June 17, 2011

Stand Up for Hero's

If ever there is something to laugh for...Stand Up for Hero's - our nation's hero's....
The Comic Bible takes a moment to reflect... and share.

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share the USAToday Op-Ed below that was published yesterday; written by Bob Woodruff, the co-founder and the spirit behind the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

Also, last night, we had the pleasure of honoring our nation’s heroes at our inaugural Stand Up for Heroes in Washington, DC. It was an evening filled with hope, healing and laughter.

Nearly 150 wounded warriors and their caregivers were in attendance last night.  Both the performances of Jon Stewart and Train were tributes to the service members, and entertaining for all.

Go to the website to watch the video about the Bob Woodruff Foundation's programs played at the event.

Thanks to your continued support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of many brave men and women, just as we did last night.  


Rene Bardorf
Executive Director
Bob Woodruff Foundation

Op-ed: Bob Woodruff - Let's stand up for our heroes

By Bob Woodruff, Special to USA TODAY - Kindness
I know that most of us during this time of economic difficulties don't think everyday about the men and women serving in our military. But we have to remember that we are approaching a decade of being at war. It is almost 10 years since the attacks of September 11th thrust us into conflict.
In this decade roughly 2.2 million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Less than 1% of our population has served there, compared to 12 percent in WWII. I remember during the days of the Vietnam war, our neighborhood was filled with teenagers who were heading to the battlefields of southeast Asia. The families with loved ones overseas were on almost every street. I was born in Michigan in August 1961 (exactly 2 weeks after President Obama was born in Hawaii). So by the time both of us turned 18, the draft was over and serving and enlisting became voluntary.
I did get a chance to go back to Afghanistan with Admiral Mike Mullen almost two years ago, and when we were there I asked one of the soldiers where he was on 9/11. He said he was in his 4th grade class. He was 10 years old when this war began.
As a nation, we need to do everything we can to support our troops. Those who are injured especially deserve help from the rest of us who have benefitted from their willing service. The injuries in these wars are often invisible. When I was hit by an IED in Iraq, my head injury was obvious. I was unconscious for 36 days but was surrounded by love and family and I recovered. But thousands bear the internal scars of hidden injuries.
Hundreds of thousands of servicemembers are living with PTSD and general combat stress. So are their families and friends who are the caregivers on this difficult road that is much longer than we could have ever anticipated ten years ago.
This evening's host Jon Stewart, together with the band Train and singers 4Troops, will join servicemembers and their families for a night of music and comedy at the first ever Stand Up For Heroes in Washington, D.C., to benefit our wounded. We need to remember that this isn't about politics, or about the war. It's about the warrior. This is our country and these are the men and women risking their lives for us. So let's honor them today and everyday and do what we can to help them heal.
Bob Woodruff is a correspondent with ABC News and co-founder of The Bob Woodruff Foundation, which provides resources and support to injured servicemembers, veterans and their families. Seriously injured by a roadside bomb while reporting in Iraq, he has returned to the air and covers a variety of issues from around the globe. To donate to the military through his Foundation, go to

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Our tax ID number is 26-1441650.
PO Box 955, Bristow, VA 20136

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