Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Guns of Comedy a Hit!!

It doesn't get better than the StandUp360 Comedy Festival and Backstage, New Guns of Comedy Contest.

This contest, unlike many "New Talent" featured some of the funniest and freshest emerging talent in the business. Host, Max Alexander started off the laughter and it continued for these "New Guns of Comedy". Chris Distefano started the contest laughs and left the stage on a large one. Monique Latise also held the crowded room.  Leah Bonnema, Camille Theobold, Sarah Blodgett represented the women along with Emily Epstein who offered some fresh humor which garnered laughs. Mike Cannon was hilarious with his unusual subject matter. Tammy Twotone, a transgender comedian had a hard time winning the date-night audience but kept it strong and received rousing applause.  Jarret Berenstein’s smart observational humor was a stand out. Dan Schilling and his five kids filled another four minutes with laughter. Rob Santos, Yury Lubarsky and Eric Patrick were also at home on stage and the crowd ate that up. The deadpan Marc Engberg is uniquely hilarious with his singing ability added to his comedy mix. His version of Beyonce singing in the 1930s garnered continual laughing.
The audience were also treated to a few minutes from headliner, Dustin Chafin who’s left them screaming with his spin on being a meat eating southerner in New York

Judges, including festival producers, Carolyn Bernstein of TV Guide,  Tory an author and comedy writer including for the NY Daily News, and Comic Bible admit they had a hard time deciding on the finalists.  Guilio Gallorotti ‘s conversational tone, original bits combined with facial expressions made him a stand out and a finalist along with Jason Salmon whose take on growing up in Texas had left all laughing. Also chosen for the following nights final New Guns Contest was CJ Burney and Matthew Miller who were at home on stage, and big laugh winners. Howard Feller is a pro and deserved the recognition for his twisted punches which had everyone laughing non-stop. Ricky Velez did it again with his edgy humor. Aaron Kominos-Smith’s smart comedy included some of the funniest observations about temp jobs –ever. PS Aaron, Comic Bible is hiring!! Akash Bhasin was another well deserving finalist for his fresh, skewered take on his race which also garnered large laughs and loud applause. Truly all of the "New Guns" were winners and the audience left wanting more.

Don't forget - the New Guns of Comedy Contest Finals and the closing festival events ar June 4th..

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