Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hug & Laughs

In NY? - Heads up! – Hugs, Kisses and LAUGHS – Lots of them – at the 8pm Stand up NY show. Comedians, Alex Barnett and Kevin Williams produce the show, which is a great mix of new, seasoned and headliner comics.
Last week CB caught funnyman, Danny Palmer who immediately had us laughing. the hilarious producers, Jamie Roberts, the host who kept it going and Headliner, David Baker who had the crowded room roaring. Had to run, but rumor has it the rest of the show was just as great, with comedians, Matty Baetz, Jay Schmidt, Rasad Bashir, Gialio Gallarotti..

All shows promise to be just as great, so don’t forget to look for Hugs Kisses and Laughs. Buy tickets at brown paper bag or see www.alexbarnettcomic.com for upcoming dates.


Improv Throwdown in Harrisburg


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